Spring 2020 looks a bit different than any other spring before it, but longer days, blooming buds, singing birds and blue skies are constants we can count on this season.

We are lucky to live in such a diverse and beautiful part of the world. We often experience multiple types of weather in the span of a day, which keeps us guessing and keeps things interesting!

This is the perfect time to get outside and explore our natural backyard. With many of us spending more time at home, there is a need to find ways to switch up our routine and stave off cabin fever. Fortunately Peterson Creek Nature Park is mere steps away from your front door. There’s ample space for biking, hiking, running, and exploring in this dog-friendly municipal park. The closest entrance to Peterson Landing is just up the road right off of Whiteshield Cres S.

The park encompasses almost 100 hectares and offers around 10km of trails—many of which are featured on Hike Kamloops—a blog maintained by volunteers keen to share their hiking adventures in and around Kamloops. One of these trails is the Grasslands Loop, a flat, gravel-packed and accessible kilometre-long trail offering magnificent city views, can also be found at this park entrance.

Another sign of spring is the return of the Kamloops Farmers’ Market. The market looks a little different this year in the context of COVID-19 with the implementation of physical distancing requirements, but the market and vendors have quickly adapted to these public health requirements by offering online ordering and on-site pick-up and focusing on food production vendors. Local food production is considered an essential service and Kamloops producers are working hard to ensure residents have access to fresh, healthy, and local options.

You can walk, roll or stroll down to the Farmers’ Market in minutes on the Xget’tem’ Trail (pronunciation here) which starts at the intersection of Summit Drive and Notre Dame Drive by Sa-Hali Secondary School. This 1.7km paved multi-use trail connects Sa-Hali to the downtown core via Peterson Creek, exiting at the Peterson Creek trailhead just off Columbia St. near 6th Ave.

The sun is shining and the fresh air is calling—time to get out and explore your neighbourhood!