We love to help our residents live better! One of the ways we like to do this is offer suggestions on fun decorating ideas for your home and great local events you can attend with family or friends! Now that the weather is cooling down, along with cozy sweaters and an abundance of seasonal produce, fall also means a reason to change up your décor—and Halloween is no exception. Easily spook up your existing fall décor with some of our curated ideas along with local spooky events you’ll want to put on the calendar!


Pumped on pumpkins!

Ornamental squash or pumpkins are the basic way to decorate for fall. There are two local pumpkin patches to check out in Kamloops, or you can visit the Kamloops Farmers’ Market or one of the grocery stores close to Peterson Landing.


Pumpkins are versatile and can be worked into seasonal décor in many ways! If you already have pumpkins, paint a few of them or turn larger ones into jack-o-lanterns. Mid-sized pumpkins are perfect for decorating mantles or along the tops of kitchen cabinets along with a decorative fall garland. Draw faces on those cute mini pumpkins for centrepieces or to compliment their big jack-o-lantern siblings.

Mix it up even more by picking white or carnival pumpkins!


Spooky Chic

If traditional Halloween décor doesn’t do it for you, there are many modern and budget-friendly options to incorporate the theme into your small space. Many Dollar Stores and even grocery stores carry small planters and ceramics that tastefully add a touch of spookiness. Amazon and Etsy are some online sources for affordable eerie adornments.


Other ideas include decorative jars, indoor string lighting and electric candles – safety first! The best part about putting up all these decorations, aside from your own enjoyment, is you are pretty much ready to throw a Halloween party without doing much else!


Pumpkin Recycling Options

There are some fun and free ways to dispose of your jack-o-lanterns once Halloween is over. Check out the links below to some of the local pumpkin smashes or drop your jack-o-lanterns off for composting at on of the City’s yard waste depots.


Kamloops Halloween events

Get into the spirit this Halloween in Kamloops with some fantastic events for the family!